Large Group, Small Group, and One-on-One Coaching

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1 Taking command through impactful communication

How to plan your messages, construct them to achieve best results, then perform them to engage your audience fully

"Mackie's first task with us was to provide executive level training to CBP's senior leadership to prepare them for congressional testimony and regular national television appearances. Mackie excelled and, as a result, so did our leadership; I hold Mackie in highest regard, as the best of the best, but more importantly a consummate professional with the highest integrity and professional standards.

– Kristi Clemens Rogers, former Deputy Commissioner U.S. Customs & Border Protection; current President & CEO of Aegis LLC

2 Seeing the Big Picture in both strategies and tactics

Finding the vital "pattern" in what you need to do and creating the step-by-step plan to help you do it

"We had reams of solid research data and substantial guidance from various other resources. But we were missing a broader look at the issues that were imbedded in and across the various research findings. Mackie Morris had the unique ability to see how it all fit together, what the pattern was. From that analysis, Mackie was able to construct straight-on action plans that let us take advantage of our opportunities, improve where we needed to, and ultimately take control of our future success."

– ABC-TV Executive/Dallas

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3 Impressing others with increased confidence and professional style

Learning how to master your content, hone your listening skills, and improve your personal appearance

"As an executive coach, Mackie has helped me achieve both my professional and personal goals.  His work with me has been both insightful and practical. His broad wealth of experience in presentation, speaking, and presence have proven invaluable. Through Mackie's coaching I have improved my public speaking and one-on-one interactions. When you're looking to present at your best, Mackie is an incredible resource."

– Craig Sorensen, Chief Marketing Officer, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

4 Creating and performing world-class group presentations

How to plan your messages, construct them to achieve best results, then perform them to engage your audience fully

"With his unique combination of unbridled enthusiasm and skill, Mackie effectively worked across our organization accelerating the development of our most important contributors. The ability to proficiently communicate both verbally and through presentations has become a "must have" skill in today's corporate environment. I have met no one in the world that can coach those skills more dynamically than Mackie Morris."

– P.D. Shabay, former EVP and Chief HR Officer, Bell Helicopter

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5 Perfecting your interactions with the media

Identifying and staying on message; building key media relationships; learning to answer their questions with your answers

"Mackie responded immediately when called upon to assist us with challenging media relations issues. He is a quick study and he's experienced in preparing well-thought-out responses that include anticipating next steps. Mackie also provided practical tips and helpful one/one coaching in this area to several of our executives."

– Corporate Communications Leader, Global Insurance Group

6 Uniting and developing your Executive Team

Aligning management teams through group and individual coaching; developing teams in Merger & Acquisition initiatives

"Mackie has an assessment process that identifies a manageable number of specific areas to strengthen your communication at all levels. Communication is the cornerstone of good leadership. Mackie is skilled at listening, watching, then suggesting specific techniques and processes that have an immediate impact on communication, and he reshapes the plan as your skills/demands change. He is sensitive to effects on your communication regarding relationships, emotions, and settings/situations and so helps you blend the factors to enhance your skills.  I can say that Mackie was vital in helping me leverage emotions like passion, urgency, commitment, and empathy with sound communication techniques to help me be a more successful Leader."

– Mike "Red" Redenbaugh, former CEO, Bell Helicopter

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7 Conceiving, producing, and performing Big Events

Mid-career training institutes for clients, annual sales meetings, senior management retreats, stock analyst meetings, convention appearances

"Mackie has worked with me on the execution of an executive development event for high profile emerging CXO's of some of the largest corporations in North America. His attention to detail and professional execution were exactly what was needed…and well appreciated. He choreographed the physical presentation, blending in my original content, and provided input on drafting the presentation slides…even adding the right humor where appropriate. For the event production, he directed the production company where needed … chose the right entrance music and script, and crafted the "voice of god" announcer content. The event was highly rated by the attendees and viewed as a great success. As a result, the program will continue and expand."

– Managing Partner, Large Professional Services Organization

8 Learning to use your full brain capacity as you communicate

Elevating your ability to "sense" your audience and use your best instincts to build, improve, and present your communication expertly

"One of Mackie's unique offerings – and I've seen him do it many times with many groups – is a revelatory explanation of how we can help our brains help us speak and write better. He walks you through the differences between Left Brain and Right Brain processing, you learn something unique about yourself, and then that helps you use your instincts and intuition, as well as your intellect, when you communicate."

– ABC Television Executive, New York

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9 Writing and delivering compelling speeches

Crafting the message, shaping the prose, producing impactful copy in the Active Voice as the best way to write to be heard

"On numerous occasions over the past 10 years, my organization has needed external expertise to supplement our leadership development efforts in the area of Executive Presence and Communications. Mackie Morris has worked with us to perform in-depth needs assessments and deliver tailored communication and leadership interventions for selected individuals.  I have also engaged Mackie on a number of occasions to provide 'just in time' coaching for executives preparing for critical external speaking or other performance engagements."

– Bruce Culpepper, Executive Vice President Human Resources and Regional Coordination, Shell Americas

10 Mastering your on-camera performance

Performance comfort, cosmetic excellence, natural delivery

"One of the great things about Mackie reminds me of the old saying, 'You don't have to have been a great player to be a great coach, but it sure helps to have been a player.' One of the things we always appreciated about Mackie was that as a former on-air talent, he really could be empathetic in helping us work with our news people and our news crew in terms of not only taking the research and putting action plans in place, but also knowing what it was like to be in front of the camera. Mackie was very thorough in his analysis of the research, he was very helpful in working one-on-one with our people, and he was very good at giving us an overall picture about what we needed to do to improve our positioning in the market place.

– John Fink, General Manager, KFVE-TV, Honolulu

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